Website Design and Development

Fancy working together? I work closely with businesses and agencies to design and develop high quality websites, e-commerce stores and web applications that keep customers happy and site managers productive.

Website Development

I specialise in building modern, high performance, scalable websites and web applications. In order to maximise your potential to succeed online, I offer a wide range of development options to suit your business needs. Including a variety of content management systems such as Wordpress, CraftCMS and Sanity.

Website Design

Designing for the web is not only about ensuring your website looks good (although that is very important), it requires a detailed consideration for every user that visits your website. We take a collaborative approach to design, and always prioritise your users by focusing on user experience and accessibility from day one.

The recipe for a successful website

1. Research

In order to fully understand the requirements of your new project we take a deep dive into your businesses existing philosophies, goals and pain points.

You should feel comfortable that you are getting a healthy return on your investment, which is why I invest a lot of time into ensuring that our goals are aligned from day one.

After our thorough research process, we can move forward with confidence that your exciting new website will generate results for your business.

2. Website Design

It's time to get creative! During the web design stage of the process I will take the requirements of your project and bring them to life with static mockups and prototypes.

Before a single line of code is written, we nail down the design and artistic direction of your new project through collaboration and iteration.

Only once you are happy with the design of your new website do we move on to the next step in the process, which is development.

3. Website Development

Now its time for the nerdy bit. Having established your business requirements and wrapped up the designs, we carefully consider the technologies used to power your new website.

I offer a variety of modern technology stacks and content management systems to fit your needs perfectly.

Every website I build is to developed to the highest standards, and I never compromise on performance, accessibility or user experience. On top of that, every website I develop goes through an extensive testing period across multiple devices and browsers.