Freelance Web Developer

Building websites that look great and
outperform your competitors

There are plenty of opportunities for your business to succeed online

As a freelance web developer in Wales I am dedicated to building stunning websites that are a joy to use. Not only do the websites I build look great, they are always built to outperform your competitors by leveraging the latest and greatest web technologies.

Our exciting project would begin with a thorough discovery process in order to fully understand your requirements and end-goals.

My top priority is to ensure that you receive a measurable return on your investment and that our goals are continually aligned throughout the web development process.

One of the most critical factors that can make-or-break a new website is the technology that it is built on.

To ensure that you succeed online I offer a variety of technologies to fit any business needs. Whether you are looking for an e-commerce store, a brochure website or a web application, we will always discover the best tools for your business.

Whilst also being a treat for your customers to use, your website should also be easy to manage by you and your team. For this reason, I offer a wide variety of content management systems that make it a breeze to update the content of your website; including Wordpress, Craft CMS, and Sanity.


Sanity CMS

Craft CMS

Privacy focused analytics

Browsing the internet can sometimes feel like a chore, cookie banners are often a huge contributor to that pain. Harassing your customers with banners and popups as soon as they visit your website can often result in a frustrated users and loss of sales.

For this reason, every website I develop utilises a privacy focused analytics platform called Fathom Analytics to provide insightful analytics without collecting the personal data of your users.