Pukka Productions

Theatre school and drama group, hosting shows around South Wales.

Barry based theatre school and drama group to give their website a fresh, modern look and feel.

Project type

Bespoke Design and Development


Wordpress CMS

When Pukka Productions founders Duncan and Sarah approach me about a new website in 2019 we started collaborating immediately to design and develop a website that fit their brand perfectly.

Pukka Production hosts wonderful theatre shows and provides a safe, creative space for the local community and it was important that their new website reflected that.
From start to finish Luke was impeccable. He took our requirements and implemented them exactly as we envisioned. He was always available to answer questions, make changes and offer advice and training.

It was a quick and painless process from concept to going live and we are very impressed with the final result. In fact, we have definitely noticed an increase in enquiries and contact which we attribute directly to the new website.
One of the key requirements of the new website was to advertise upcoming Pukka Production theatre shows, which can be demonstrated by the upcoming show countdown on the website homepage.

Pukka Production also required a landing page for each of their theatre groups, which is why we developed a flexible page template where they can create and update stunning landing pages via the Wordpress dashboard.